Welcome to Ooh Lala Waxing Boudoir, a tiny owner run, exclusive Womens salon, specializing in our favourite treatments that we believe deserve extra care and attention to detail!


The Art of Waxing
While we are able to wax you from head to toe and carry every type of wax to do so, our passion really lies in intimate waxing. We are Hot Wax specialists that know how to handle the lady bits with the care she deserves! We always wear gloves, never double dip, use only the best quality wax and have a knack for putting clients at ease. Being waxing specialists and proud owners of Vulvas ourselves, we have been there, waxed that and seen it all! We promise, there is no bush we can’t deal with and absolutely no reason for her Queen to be shy.


The Art of Brows
While brow trends change over time, brows will always be a trend. As one of your most prominent facial features that frame the eyes, they are almost always on display and deserve the extra attention. After selecting a colour from our traditional tint or henna range with several colours to mix and match, brows are then measured according to the golden ratio finding just the right shape, then waxed, tweezed, trimmed and tinted, creating a bespoke set of brows according to each client’s needs. We believe in enhancing your natural beauty and always err on the more conservative natural side, please discuss your expectations with your brow artist.


The Art of Lashes
This is the meticulous application of lash extensions to your individual natural lashes. We offer Classic lashes (one extension to one natural lash) and Russian Volume lashes (an individual handmade fan of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 lashes to one natural lash) and carry an extensive range of lengths, curls and weights in both styles, creating a personalised set of lashes to meet each clients needs, while ensuring the health of your natural lashes are never compromised, please discuss your expectations with your lash artist.

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