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Home Care

To maximise your time and get the best results out of your treatment please:

  • Arrive on time, eye make up free and contact lenses removed.
  • Ensure you go to the bathroom before your appointment as your eyes have to remain closed till the end of the procedure to prevent irritation. Any interruptions may result in lash application time being lost.
  • While I love getting to know my waxing clients, when it comes to lash extensions it’s best to catch up on some beauty sleep or practice your meditation skills. People unconsciously talk with their hands, facial expressions and head movements. These slight movements slow down the application process and the overall results of your treatment. Feel free to bring your headphones and portable music device to help you zone out.


  • Do not get your Lash extensions wet for the next 10 hours (no bathing, showering, gyming, or swimming, no water, steam or sweat) The bonding agent takes 24hrs to cure completely. Re-activating the bonding liquid could result in lashes sticking together or falling off prematurely.
  • Do not rub your eyes or fiddle with your lashes. This will result in damage to your natural lashes. If your extensions are bothering you rather have them removed professionally. The health of your natural lashes should not be compromised.
  • Do not use lash growth serums while wearing extensions, they are oil based and will break down the bonding agent. This should be used on your natural lashes only when not wearing extensions.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara on your extensions as they are oil based and will break down the bonding agent.
  • Do not tint or curl your extensions ever. Have this done to your natural lashes atleast 24hrs prior to your appointment if necessary.
  • Do not apply any heavy oil based creams, lotions or serums to your extensions to avoid breaking down the bonding agent.


  • Do try and sleep on your back the first night while the bonding liquid is curing to avoid skew or lost lashes.
  • Do use oil free makeup remover and a lint free cloth/cotton rounds to gently clean your lashes daily.
  • Do use oil free makeup if necessary.
  • Do use a clear or black sealant on your extensions instead of mascara. This will keep them neat, makeup-dust free and help prolong their wear.
  • Do brush them with a mascara wand obtained at your first appointment to keep them neat and tidy.
  • Do book your fill or removal in the next 2 - 3 weeks for best results.

Top 5 Lash Questions

How long do lash extensions last?

Depending on your individual lash growth cycle and how well you maintain your extensions once applied they can last any where from 2 - 6 weeks if allowed to grow out naturally.

How often do I need to have fills done?

Usually a fill every 2 - 4 weeks will achieve the best look. If you do not book a fill within 6 weeks you will have to have a new full set applied to get the same results.

What if I have an allergic reaction?

Unless your eyes are extremely sensitive you shouldn't have any reactions. The extensions are applied to your natural lash and should not touch your skin. If you have any concerns or are having extensions done for a special occasion, please inform us and request a test patch. Test patches should be carried out at least 24hrs prior to your actual appointment. Your actual appointment should be booked 4 - 6 days before your special occasion. If you happen to have a reaction, please inform us! Take an antihistamine for a few days and get allergy eye drops from your pharmacist to help ease the reaction. Having the lashes removed immediately is usually not the solution as the removal gel could irritate the eyes even further. Rather wait for any inflammation to go down before having them removed.

Do I need to take a break from lash extensions?

If the extensions are applied and maintained properly, extensions can be worn indefinitely without causing damage to your natural lashes. The better the condition of your natural lashes (affected by environment, medication, diet and general health) the better your extension results will be. You may decide to take a break so you can use a growth serum to lengthen your natural lashes but this is optional.

When should I not have lashes done?
  • If you have any sort of allergic reaction after having lash extensions it may not be a good idea to try it a second time.
  • If you have or had any contagious diseases in the last 3 - 6 months. Please get written consent from your doctor saying you are no longer contagious before booking your next appointment. You are not only putting yourself at risk but your therapist, other clients and the salon as a whole. Please be considerate on this one!
  • If you have had any cosmetic surgery on the eye area or actual eye surgery in the last 3 - 6 months.