Waxing options

Bikini Waxing - Hot Wax

English Rose

English Rose
Clean up of bikini outline EXCLUDING BOTTOM

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat
All off pubic bone leaving a landing strip down the outer and inner labia EXCLUDING BOTTOM


Landing strip or small triangle on pubic bone EXCLUDING BOTTOM


Landing strip or small triangle on pubic bone INCLUDING BOTTOM

Ooh Lala

Ooh Lala

Add Ons - Hot Wax

Add On's - Hot Wax

Bum Cheeks 90
Nipples 90
Navel 100
Under Arms 110
Extra Area - Inner or back of thigh 120
Hands and fingers - If not doing arm wax 80
Feet and toes - If not doing leg wax 80

Face Waxing - Hot Wax

Face Waxing - Hot / Film Wax

Lip 80
Chin 80
Cheeks - Incl sideburns
Neck and jawline
Hairline - nape / forehead
Nose - both nostrils 60
Ears 60

Arm Waxing

Arm Waxing

Incl hands and fingers


1/2 Arm
Full Arm 160


1/2 Arm
Full Arm 280

Leg Waxing - Hot Wax

Leg Waxing

Incl feet and toes


1/2 Leg
3/4 Leg
Full Leg 240


1/2 Leg
3/4 Leg
Full Leg 400

Back Waxing

Back Waxing


1/2 Back
Full Back 140


1/2 Back
Full Back 280

Full Body Waxing

Madame Ooh Lala - incl EVERYTHING

Front Waxing

Front Waxing - Hot Wax


Chest - Incl nipples
Stomach - Incl navel 200

Lashes and Brows

Brow and Lash Treatments

Lash Tint
Lash Lift - incl Tint
Brow Tint
Brow Wax - Full Shaping
Brow Tweeze - Quick Clean up, not a full reshape

Home Care

Important Info

  • If you are the self conscious type and feel the need to take a shower before your appointment you are welcome to, it does open the pores and soften the skin helping to ease the pain slightly, but you are given an opportunity to freshen up before each appointment with wet wipes. Make sure to clean front and back.
  • For the next 24hrs after your wax keep the waxed area dry and clean. Avoid activities that will agitate the skin further or clog the pores especially heat, friction and sweat.
  • The waxed skin may appear red, blotchy and or bumpy and may feel sensitive or tender. This is a completely normal reaction and is only temporary, symptoms should subside within 24 - 48 hrs. Other skin reactions that may occur are little red bumps or white pimple like bumps especially on the face and arms. Ingrowns are common too especially in the bikini area. Have your ingrown hairs removed professionally by your therapist at your appointment. Try not to pick or break the skin, this causes scabs and tissue damage that could leave marks or scars.
  • For the best results follow the do’s and dont’s home care instructions. Waxing results vary from person to person but if you are consistent with your appointments you will get the best long term results. Typically after waxing for some time hair will grow back thinner, softer and more sparse making follow up appointments quicker and less painful. While you may initially experience some skin reactions if you are regular with your waxing and home care routine your body tends to outgrow the initial reactions.


  • Do not soak in a very hot bath or shower, use lukewarm water only.
  • Do not use a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi or swimming pool.
  • Do not go to the gym or participate in exercise or sport.
  • Do not sunbathe, use a sunbed or self tan lotion.
  • Do not use any products on the waxed area, especially oil based and perfumed products.
  • Do not touch or scratch the waxed area with unwashed hands.
  • Do not wear tight clothing that may cause friction in the waxed area.
  • Do not shave in between your appointments. This defeats the whole objective of waxing and can undo any benefits. Rather book your appointments closer together. Please discuss this with your therapist so you can plan a better waxing routine.


  • Do use calamine lotion or an aloe vera gel to soothe the area
  • Do use an antiseptic cream to protect the skin from infection
  • Do keep the skin hydrated by moisturising the waxed area daily and drinking plenty of water
  • Do exfoliate 2 - 3 times a week with an exfoliating mitt or sugar based body scrub
  • Do take painkillers and antihistamines at least 20 - 30 mins before your appointment if you are concerned about pain or skin reactions. Establish a regular and consistent waxing routine with your therapist. For best results appointments should be booked every 3 - 6 weeks. Please book your appointments close enough so you do not have to shave in between.

Top 5 Waxing Questions

Do I have to get naked for my wax?

You will be asked to remove all clothing from the area being waxed only. So if you are waxing your legs, no need to get completely starkers but if you are having a bikini wax you will have to remove your knickers. No need to be shy though, at Ooh Lala ALL women are accepted and celebrated. No matter your size, shape, colour, sexual orientation, if you have piercings or tattoos, we promise you don't have anything we haven't seen before. You will however be given a clean towel to cover up with.

Why and how do you wax the bottom?

While the choice is completely yours whether you want to do it or not we believe once you try it you will never go back! It's the quickest and least painful part of the entire wax. It feels much better when smooth and hair free back there and is more hygienic. You will not be asked to get onto all fours *awkward and can leave the salon with your head held high.

Can I wax when I'm menstruating or pregnant?

Yes and yes! While waxing when menstruating is more painful - the week following your cycle is when your pain threshold is highest - if you are wearing a clean tampon (not sanitary towels) we can still proceed with the treatment. You may be asked to move the string around, but please don't feel embarrassed, rather safe than having a waxing horror story. Please take an extra minute to freshen up for hygiene purposes and your own peace of mind. Waxing is more painful during pregnancy too but can still safely be done if you are having a healthy pregnancy with no complications. If you are unsure please consult with your Doctor first. It's better to start waxing before you fall pregnant to build up a pain tolerance rather than coming for your first wax just before giving birth, you may not be able to tolerate the pain due to the sensitivity and extra blood flow to the area.

What is expected of me in the treatment?

Before the treatment commences you will discuss your treatment expectations with your therapist. The area being waxed will then be cleansed and prepped according to the area being waxed and the type of wax being used. You will be asked to position yourself in various ways (nothing weird, promise) and may be asked to assist your therapist to pull the skin taught which helps to lessen the pain. Other than that your main job is to try and relax. At Ooh Lala we pride ourselves on having a knack for putting people at ease so it shouldn't be too hard.

When should I not wax?
  • If you have given natural birth, please wait for three months before booking a bikini appointment.
  • If you have had a cesarean please wait for 6 months before booking a bikini appointment.
  • If you are having a tattoo done. The tattoo can cause a scab and not allow the hairs to come through causing ingrowns. Rather temporarily shave the area being tattooed.
  • If you have undergone surgery, radiation (including sunbed) or chemotherapy in the last 3 - 6 months.
  • If you have undergone cosmetic surgery in the last 3 - 6 months on the area to be waxed.
  • Consumption or application of Accutane, Roaccutane, Retin A, Vitamin B or AHA within the past 6 months.
  • If you have or had any contagious diseases in the last 3 - 6 months. Please get written consent from your doctor saying you are no longer contagious before booking your next appointment. You are not only putting yourself at risk but your therapist, other clients and the salon as a whole. Please be considerate on this one!